3D Laser Scanning

IKM’s 3D Laser Scanning team are able to offer fast and accurate 3D scanning across a wide range of industries.  Our experienced team complete your scan and this generates 3D point cloud data.

This data can be manipulated and exported in a number of user friendly formats including 3D AutoCAD drawings, 360° visualisations or the complete model.

Laser scanning is much more cost efficient than conventional survey techniques due to the vast data capture capabilities of the scanner and the reduction in time spent on site.  It also has the benefit of allowing data capture on potentially hazardous sites where proximity or exclusion zones prevent close up assessments.  e.g. structurally unstable or fire damaged buildings.

3D Laser Scanning services are ideal for but not limited to:

  • Stockpiles and high structure surveys
  • Accident and especially road traffic accident data capture
  • Historic building facades
  • Archaeological digs
  • Heavy load route scanning
  • Crane access
  • Crane lifting studies
  • Process plant and plantroom
  • Fly around images at near photo quality
  • Tank storage/compliance survey
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