We offer our clients the opportunity to utilise 3D Laser Scanning and & Surveying techniques to ensure the data is millimetre accurate. There are significant time savings when using digital technology to evaluate complex work scopes, as the data can be delivered in 2D, 3D or electronic formats.

Where possible we’ll provide the survey data in a format suitable for 3D Viewing, so our clients have optimum flexibility to interrogate the data, and if necessary perform measure and data tagging directly onto the structure or object that was scanned.

Commissioned surveys say a lot about a team’s level of expertise – having worked for over a decade in high hazard environments, IKM is trusted by some of the biggest industrial, manufacturing and transport companies in the UK.

Below you’ll find some examples of our 3D Scanning & Surveying activities.  There are many different techniques used throughout our work, so if you’re interested in finding out more please contact us for further information.


Free 3D Viewer Client Output

Laser Scan to 3D Model

Mobile Mapping

GPR Utility Detection

Point Cloud Data to 3D Model

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