Building Surveying

As Built Surveys
As Built surveys provide a detailed record of a project at a specific stage in time to ensure construction is as planned or to highlight any improvements or alterations that have been made.   This information is used to prepare a record drawing which includes topographical survey information as well as a photographic view.  This is effectively creating a referable timeline for a project.

Measured Building Survey
A measured building survey provides an accurate and detailed representation of the structural elements and architectural features of a building.  We collect and capture this information by using our 3D laser scanner and total stations.  This allows us to provide a range of deliverables for our clients from a 2D floor plan, elevations and sections to a full 3D model of the building or structure.  This information can be provided in 2D and 3D formats.

Settlement Monitoring
We can carry out settlement monitoring to identify any movement of buildings and structures by analysing the foundations underneath them with a digital level.  We carry out monitoring at regular intervals and then carefully calculate and record the information gathered from each occasion, so that the change can be clearly seen over a period of time.

This highly accurate yet rapid method of surveying the levels means that IKM staff spend a minimal amount of time on site yet maintain high quality results for our clients.

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