Land Surveying

Land Surveying is a broad term and many services we have on offer fall into this category.  For simplicity, our main land surveying services include:

Topographical surveys

We’ll collect data about the above ground features and local ground topography in the area prior to any development design/works being carried out.   2D and 3D models of the area can be produced using state of the art drawing software, with the option to transform the information to a local grid for ease of use for the client

Hydrographic Surveys

A hydrographic survey is similar to a topographic survey but is focussed on surveying waterways. Hydrographic surveys are used for a variety of different purposes, including checking pipelines where they cross rivers for erosion and minimum cover.  We utilise a small inflatable boat, outboard motor, drysuits, lifejackets and safety throwlines when carrying out hydrographic surveys.  Each river is assessed prior to the survey in order to determine access, health and safety requirements and survey technique.  On large rivers, an inflatable rib is used along with an echo sounder to determine bed levels.  All survey data is processed using LSS modelling software and exported to an AutoCAD drawing showing a topographical survey of the area and cross-sectional data showing river bed and pipeline details

Engineering Setting Out

Setting Out is marking out a series of coordinated points into a site.  Using the latest robotic total stations our surveyors can set out large amounts of data efficiently and rapidly.  We extract the data from drawings and plans provided then accurately mark out features on the ground surface.

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