Monitoring surveys cover a wide range of applications and uses.  They are widely undertaken to pinpoint any movement or deformities within a set environment utilising precision digital instruments.  This can be applied across a diverse range of applications and uses from demolition, to settlement & compliance surveys.

IKM’s team of specialist surveyors work with engineers, architects and specialist maintenance and conservation teams to use this technology to provide a high level of accuracy in tracking movement.  Examples of how IKM use this in the field apply to a broad range of projects, including:


Industrial Tank Storage Compliance Surveys

IKM’s surveying and 3D laser scanning team have been providing our petrochemical and oil & gas clients specialist tank monitoring services to ensure accurate tracking of storage tank shell, floor settlement and deformation activity over long periods of time.  The team scan and store historical data to aid client maintenance programmes.

Heritage & Conservation Projects

The surveying team was asked to carry out a 3D scan and monitoring to ensure accuracy in the positioning and design of a new access bridge next to Old Lachlan Castle.  The laser scan of the castle itself was used as recorded as-built information.

Tall Buildings & Structures

IKM provide accurate monitoring of the verticality of tall buildings and industrial structures to identify whether any settlement or heave has taken place.

Ground & Utility Monitoring

The surveying team regularly work in line with other disciplines within IKM.  The Geo-Environmental team requested help in monitoring a badger sett area for underground utilities.

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