Our hydrographic and in-shore surveys help clients understand the changes in bed levels and the implications that may affects commercial activities in the area such as shipping ports and harbours.  The survey data that is generated, is used to monitor changes along our coastlines, lakes, reservoirs and estuaries. 

Hydrographic Surveys


Hydrographic surveys, sometimes call Bathymetric Surveys, are conducted on estuaries, lakes and rivers.  We utilise depth sounding techniques that are connected to shore based survey instrumentation/equipment.  Depth readings can be located accurately in plan format using GPS satellite, for further data analysis.
All surveying data can be plotted in contour format for visualisation of depth, using  LSS modelling software.  2D or 3D dimensional AutoCAD drawings illustrate the sub surface topography of the area and cross-sectional data showing lake or waterway bed or pipeline details.
Where required, a volumetric analysis survey can be undertaken to calculate storage capacities or rates of silt deposition.


A river survey is similar to a topographic survey but is focussed on surveying waterways. River surveys are used for a variety of different purposes, including checking pipelines where they cross the water for erosion and minimum cover.  We utilise a small inflatable boat, outboard motor, drysuits, lifejackets and safety throwlines when carrying out river or water course surveys.  Each river is assessed prior to the survey in order to determine access, health and safety requirements and survey technique.  On large rivers, an inflatable rib is used along with an echo sounder to determine bed levels.

hydrographic survey
Hydrographic Surveys


Culvert inspections and maintenance prevent collapse and allow water to continue to free flow through the area.  IKM’s experienced team will conduct a survey to gain information on the state of the culverts structural condition.
Pumping out the culvert water allows for the installation of ‘jack-up’ cameras.  Combined with flotation devices,  our surveyors capture detailed data for subsequent interrogation and remediation by the client.